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In June of 2011, my dad noticed a small lump on his back, beneath the skin. The scenarios of what it could be quickly filled his mind. Two doctors were certain it was “just a cyst”, but there was still something unsettling about the unknown and he requested that they biopsy the mass to be sure.
On October 31, 2011, his fears were confirmed— cancer. Anger immediately clouded over our family. How could this be? Here was this man who had dedicated his entire life to being healthy. He never smoked a pack a day or drank his liver away, he’s always watched what he ate and stayed in pristine shape— yet there were doctors telling him not only do you have cancer, but it’s already spread to other parts of your body. Turns out, my dad was the perfect candidate for the disease— kind of a poster child, so to speak. It was the many hours spent outside working cows, bailing hay, and even exercising that exposed his unprotected skin to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, causing him to develop the most aggressive and most deadly form of skin cancer.
My intent with this campaign is not to have you feel sorry for my family, nor to unnecessarily frighten you. It is simply to remind you that, as farmers and ranchers, we spend an immense amount of time in the sun, usually unprotected and therefore more susceptible to skin cancer than most other professions in this country.
As National Melanoma Awareness Month kicks off, I ask that you please be aware of the signs and the symptoms, wear your sunscreen and protect your skin to protect yourself.
The proceeds of this campaign will be donated to the Skin Cancer Foundation to help find acure for a disease that affects the lives of so many.
From the Gazdas, my dad’s incredible team of doctors, and all of those who have fought the good fight— we thank you for your support.
Taylor Gazda

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